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About me

Larissa graduated from the Motion Picture Institute in Russia as a chemical engineer of developing film. When she moved to America she started working with photos digitally.

Larissa Beniaminova is a member of PPANJ since 2005

Soul to Soul (Cosm) NY august 2008 at Alex Grey gallery
april 2009 PPANJ, Atlantic City, NJ
july 2009 MOMA of Moscow, Russia
august 2009 St.Petersburg, Russia
april 2010 PPANJ, NY

At Photolarissa Photography, we hold an incredible passion for documenting the emotional moments that add meaning to our lives.
Our approach to photography is natural and relationship-oriented; we love to get to know our clients long before putting them in front of the lens.
Our focus is on you.
Our goals are to create a special vision together with you, and immortalize the bonds, emotions, and moments that can’t be re-lived or replaced. Beautiful photographs are emotional moments frozen in time for you to remember and revisit with family, friends, or a quiet moment alone - and we strive to create lasting, cherished images.




''I have been modeling for 5 years and Larisa is my favorite photographer. My experience with her has been an intertwining of creativity, self-expression, freedom, and magic. Larisa always has a vision and deeper meaning to what she does as an artist and has an ability to break the mold of what is "normal" and take it into the "striking"!
Julia Monosova, NY

"I would like to express my gratitude for your great work and dedication. You are an amazing photographer and have a unique ability to capture true spirit of people. Portraits and head shots that were taken by you are the best I've ever had by far. The rates are great as well worth every penny and then some...."
Larisa Aronov, NY

"If you are looking for a fabulous photographer for special occasions etc., I highly recommend Larissa Nazarov. She has a natural ability to catch a moment, an expression or convey a feeling that one can spend a lifetime
trying to learn. Her photos are what special memories are made of."
David, NY

"Do you think you are not photogenic? I thought so too before I got photoshoot with Larissa. This woman will help you to explore new sides of yourself, different characters which we all keep inside. Besides her professional qualities as photographer, she has an amazing personal approach to every model, which help to relax and express yourself better on a pictures. Always fun to work with Larissa! "
Ira, NY


Larissa Beniaminova

Cliffside Park NJ 07010

To make an appointment, please call 917-476-6719

or book by e-mail


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Larissa Beniaminova